Everybody has a little ambitious streak inside them. We’re all hungry to move up the company ladder, and get the respect we deserve. More importantly, get the pay-packet we deserve! As an employe at a large company, it’s easy to feel overlooked and undervalued. Alongside the work of hundreds of others, you’ve got to stand out and make your mark. If you want to move up, you need to create your own opportunities and take control of your future. Here are just some of the best ways to do that.


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Establish a bond with your boss and mentor

There are two major reasons for taking the initiative and establishing a connection with those above you. First, and most importantly, to learn. Your bosses have a lot more experience both inside the company and out. Your first job is to learn from them and extract knowledge. Actively ask them how to improve and learn new skills. Secondly, mutual respect goes a long way when it comes to promotion time. Your bosses are looking for someone who can operate at their level. Show them you are capable of networking and communicating at the senior level by establishing a connection.

Promote yourself

This advice is tricky because self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to most people. However, when you’re working in a large team, faces can disappear into the crowd. If you lead a new initiative or lead the team report, make sure your superiors know. Don’t be shy about your achievements. Of course, you must share credit where due and act as a team player. But, that doesn’t mean you should hide your skills and achievements.

Quantify your success

It’s not enough to say you worked really hard on a project. You have to show your seniors how that hard work contributed to the company. How did your work have a tangible, real impact on the business? You need to use numbers, facts, and figures here. Did your research lead to the signing of a big new client? Did you initiative actively cut costs or boost the bottom line. While making your case for promotion, use real statistics.

Teach yourself new skills

Your managers are looking for true passion and drive. They’re looking for a genuine desire to learn and excel. You can show this by taking on a training course and teaching yourself new skills. If you’re in the IT world, for example, sign up for Comptia Training at www.Simplilearn.com/. If you work at a marketing agency, attend seminars on SEO or social media developments. Actively work to improve yourself, and use that knowledge in the office.

Create your own opportunities

If you’re frustrated by a lack of responsibility, make yourself heard! Don’t sit and wait for opportunities to come to you (they rarely will), get out there and make them happen. Identify a gap in the market. Write a new proposal. Show your bosses a new perspective. It might get rejected, but at least they can see your initiative.


The simplest trick of all is probably the best. Just ask. Ask for more responsibility. Ask for the promotion or raise. Make your case and explain why you deserve it. More often than not, you’ll get what you ask for.

If you want to move up the ladder, take the initiative. Take action. You deserve it.


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